How to buy the Perfect Baby Gift


By artist Louisa Smedley

The birth of a new baby is a huge moment to celebrate but how do you choose the perfect gift to mark that special occasion?

When I had my babies, 12 and 10 years ago now, I was working as a primary school teacher in a gorgeous little school on the edge of Leeds.  As you can imagine all my fellow teachers love a new baby and both times I was showered in gifts galore. Obviously I was super happy with all of my gifts but what makes a gift stand out perfect? 

  1. Sleep Sleep Sleep …You can do anything with enough sleep.  So a gift that helps that precious little bubba drift off and stay in the land of nod is a must have!
  2. Safety - is a top priority, check that your gift has passed any official safety standards and make sure that what you buy is age appropriate.
  3. Keepsakes - I absolutely adore the gifts that capture wonderful memories. Something that can be treasured forever.
  4. Personalised - adds a special touch and artisan is even better. The Photo Puzzle and Roary & Buddy are perfect examples!
  5. Educational - did you know that babies start learning in the womb and processing language like adults from only two days old! Wow! Support their learning journey with great gifts.
  6. Essentials - as a new parent you can never have enough muslins, bibs, soothers, baby grows and thinking ahead, how essential is a teether?!!
  7. Gender neutral - particularly good if the baby hasn’t been born yet! Also, the ability to shop flawlessly for gender-neutral baby gifts is a skill that will keep on giving, especially now that gender “norms” are being challenged and rejected more than ever before.
  8. Ethical or Fairtrade - Each time you buy fair trade products you are directly choosing to end exploitation of workers around the globe, what’s not to love? Look out for this symbol.
  9. Low carbon footprint - Shopping local and Independent is a great way to help here. Did you know that each time you make a local or independent purchase there is a real human being doing a little happy dance?!
  10. Cute and gorgeous - something that evokes an emotional response, well who can resist that cute fluffy bunny, hey?

Rainbow forever friends gift by Roary & Buddy

Happy Shopping!

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