How to survive Lockdown part 3 by me, Louisa the Roary and Buddy artist.

How to Survive Lockdown

So I have been thinking about how I am surviving the drudgery of what is Lockdown part 3 and I thought I would share with you my top 10 tips.

  1. The top of my list and oh so VERY VERY EXTREMELY important, binge watching Bridgerton is an absolute must. You will fall completely head over heels in love with the Duke. Think Mr Darcy but even better!
  2. Amazon deliveries. Did you know that Amazon deliver food? Who would have thunk it? And even better they deliver wine too!!! THE SAME DAY!!
  3. Games nights, the cheese game (trivial pursuits) is a popular choice with my children, and for the grownups, we like to partake in an online canasta card game night with the besties over zoom. Wine on the side, obviously. Aghhh, who misses their friends?!!!
  4. A sharp pencil, ruler and a note pad. Home schooling goes a whole lot more smoothly when we have the equipment must haves at our finger tips!
  5. Carbs!!!!!!
  6. More carbs!!!!
  7. Cheese!
  8. Sorry, obsessing over food now! FORGET THE CLEANING, no one is visiting anyway.  I am normally a clean freak but at the moment my house is trashed, there is dried rice all over the kitchen floor and smears of breakfast on the walls, hey ho!
  9. The X box is my new best friend. I know we all talk about limiting screen time but my goodness I love it when the kids disappear for hours at a time to kill, virtually! (obviously I only ever let them play educational games really)
  10. Enjoy your favourite tipple, REGULARLY! Drinking alone is the new going out! And why not treat yourself or your friends to a Roary and Buddy drinks print to remember those good times.  Nostalgic picture alert! Here is me and my mate Anna enjoying a large gin in the good old days. And yes, Anna always pulls that face!


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